Confessions of An Accidental Cougar Wife

Husband and wife having an argument

Confessions of a Casual cougar Spouse is the outlet to Go over Whatever NOT Associated with couponing, frugal living or cooking and food so that I could keep my sanity only slightly longer! I enjoy helping folks but writing about just a couple of topics makes me feel restricted and”boxed in.” I’ve to say and I’m pretty sure somebody, somewhere might thinking about it as well!

I ‘m a Licensed Professional Life Coach with more than twenty decades of knowledge and superior outcomes. I really like to talk about my own life experiences to help inspire others that are having difficult circumstances or circumstances. I really like to inspire and encourage individuals to pursue their own passions and pursue their dreams.

I really have a desire to write about problems Important for me to add parenting, baby wearing and attachment parenting, breastfeeding and also our rights to do this in public. In addition, I wish to add relationships and marriage, relationship and internet dating, sexual events and orientation in addition to share our humorous stories about our personal adventures in life. My children say things which make us split and eliminate composure and I am quite sure others might love the comedy too!

Although I’m The Couponer, I’ve A lot more to convey and discuss than simply couponing and frugal living. I hope you’ll enjoy reading my confessions and ideas as I discuss my adventures of this unchartered land of parenting and happily ever after having a considerably younger guy! In addition, I like to add my 2 cents about pop culture, music, fashion, celebrities and world events and problems. I’m optimistic person and that I usually write using a favorable voice so that nothing negative will be submitted.

I’ll Be talking about the aspects Folks are interested about and dispelling the myths and stigma related Using becoming a cougar and cougar spouse in future articles. I’ll Be open, Honest and frank but items will still be speed’G’ because my kids tend To see my website since they’re fans of the job! So be forewarned that Future articles may involve a few code words and special acronyms such as TMQ (2 Minute Quickie) along with DB (douchebag) to offer you a sense!