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Simple Tuna Salad Recipe

I’m Emily and that is my easy carrot salad recipe. It is easy — just 6 components and it is quickly because I want quick, time-saving recipes I will devote more time sharing fresh recipes together with my subscribers and it is delicious because everybody who eats it states so!

This is my recipe and also Remember That I’m feeding my family with this amount. In the event you want to just serve two afterward cut this recipe in half and take the leftovers for lunch the following day. My recipe serves four adults — 4 — (1) cup portions — or 2 adults, two little children and one infant with leftovers for the husband’s function lunch the following day!


10 (5-0z) cans of Chunk Light Tuna packed in water, drained

1/3 cup finely sliced celery With leaves

1/4 cup finely diced yellow onion

1/2 cup sweet pickle relish

3/4 cup of Duke’s mild mayonnaise

4 Fragrant eggs, peeled And chopped

Crackers or bread to consume Your salad

The instructions are simple….dump to a bowl, stir fry and serve! Wow! Super easy, quick and yummy! I scored 55 components of tuna in an absurd bargain a couple weeks back and I would like you to understand that you can use the components rather than the cans. These headphones were in my own stockpile plus they expire sooner so that I used them up .

I truly do believe you get more from a pouch in the event you really do a could. It Says it is 5oz each could but 2.5 — 3oz is water! So all that is left is half of a can of carrot once you empty it off. I would advise beginning with two components of lettuce since I have noticed several differences in quantity when comparing to the shop brand into the domestic brand. Also remember that the components of lettuce include no liquid and it is all moist carrot meat.

Additionally, I scored a mad great bargain on Duke’s Light Mayonnaise in my neighborhood H-E-B. This was on clearance for $2 each 18-oz squeeze jar, reg price $2.78, therefore I caught 12 bottles and hauled up for the whole year in 28% reductions. I like the flavor of all Duke’s Mayonnaise to some other manufacturer and because I save as much money all year with my own Practical Couponing to Busy People Approaches I am able to splurge about the goods I do like!

If You Want a somewhat moister version of the salad afterward leave a little bit Of liquid from the cans. I enjoy my salad fairly chilly and I utilize the mayo to moisten so I truly press hard and drain out each piece of liquid in the headphones.

I’m not really certain if it is possible to freeze leftovers of the salad. I Do not need to think about testing that concept as there’s no left anyhow. I’ll be fair and state that I likely would not be eager to try because I’m not so certain how well the lettuce and lettuce will hold up at the thawing procedure.


We usually consume our carrot salad with crackers such as the Wheat Thins Toasted Chips envisioned or Keebler Club Crackers or even Ritz Crackers. In addition, I prefer to consume it on toasted whole wheat bread or whole wheat crackers. There is nothing about the nutty taste of wheat I totally adore!

Practical Couponing for Busy People Hack: When you’ve A taste for a specific product or brand then buy this solution and bypass the cheap or free competitions. I barely ever see vouchers for my favorite Duke’s new mayo but I really do understand clearance costs will be always a offer. While I view it on clearance I assess out the dates, be sure I just buy what I could use or contribute — then stock up.

Remember that There Are Particular brands and products that You’ll never Get cheap or free. Many couponers choose to just buy items they can get free or cheap and many others, like me, like to obtain the things I enjoy and save in different regions. By way of instance, I’m not in any way snobbish about which brands of frozen or canned fruits or veggies we consume. I buy whatever is the most affordable and also this savings leaves me living room in my budget to buy the mayo I enjoy!

Should You run out of a product, do not have a voucher, can not catch a purchase and Absolutely want it then buy just the sum you want to get by. Then be certain to see and see if you locate a fantastic deal on that specific product. You merely wish to stock up if it is at it is rock bottom cost and a number of things, such as my Duke’s Mayo, never receive under 20-30% off.

I hope you like my super easy carrot salad recipe! If You’re looking For another super easy dump recipe afterward click on to view with my Chicken Dump Soup Money Saving Recipe! It is quick, simple and tasty whilst performing dual duty of maintaining your belly and your wallet complete!

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