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Dump Chicken Soup Recipe

The title “Dump Chicken Soup Recipe” may only be enough to set you off…but do not let that name fool you! This simple chicken soup recipe has been oh-so-delicious and mild enough I did not have a stomach ache once I shamelessly devoured four LARGE  dishes !

I had all these Ingredient things available in my cabinet so that I did not need to make a rush to the supermarket to create this super fast and effortless meal. You are able to substitute any leftover meat you’ve got on hand such as fish, poultry, ground beef or ground turkey (without seasoning)fish, fish, steak or pork.

This Dump Chicken Soup It’s so flexible you could change the batter and vegetables to make a new dish but nevertheless so straightforward and simple. For instance you may make this type of taco soup using canned pinto or kidney beans and leftover taco beef and modify the spoonful from Goya Sazon to carrot powder plus a few tbsp of taco seasoning.

As Soon as You determine how easy it is To create you will likely wish to experiment with each one your leftovers to view how nicely they set up! I typically have soup anyway this is a superb way to use leftovers up and save a bit of moolah!

Ingredients for Dump Chicken Soup Recipe:

8-10 oz of broiled chicken (2oz per serving)

(1) can diced tomatoes with green chiles (Rotel)

(1) 15oz can yellow corn (emptied and rinsed to eliminate Surplus salt)

(1) 15oz can reduce sodium black beans (emptied and rinsed to eliminate excess Salt )

(1) quart low sodium chicken stock

(You can make this a vegetarian meal by omitting all meats and with veggie Inventory and veggies with your choice)

(1) moderate shallot finely chopped

(I’d have used a normal onion when I did not possess a shallot. I utilize Them since they do not make me cry my eyes out when I cut up them )

(1) packet Goya Sazon seasoning

(The one who states con culantro y achiote…btw…I Don’t Have Any idea what Achiote is but it tastes good!

(4 to 4.5) cups water

(based on how much broth you’d prefer with your own soup…. I’m a soupy/broth Drinking type of girl so I enjoy my soup to get a lot of liquid)

(1) cup instant white rice

(Please do not judge me…I do not have time to Await the rice cooker Cook my rice up now…once in a rush my immediate minute rice is really a life saver. You can also use brown rice however that I did not have some immediate brown rice now so that it had been the white rice)

(1 to 2) tsp…not tbsp….teaspoons of cumin

(This can be for smoky taste….you can certainly counter this when cumin Isn’t Your cup of java and also make use of a bay leaf or some other seasoning you’d like )

Kosher salt to flavor

(Make sure wait to flavor the soup once it has been cooking for approximately 15 Moments and as soon as the zucchini is tender differently you may over time and destroy the entire batch…I have done a time or 2 )

(3) cups of your favorite sliced fresh Veggies or frozen is just nice also

(I just had the patience to sliced 1 veggie so that it was zucchini now but I usually have celery, carrots, green beans and mushrooms that are great too )

Word of warning ….if you use frozen veggies make sure And hammering them under warm water in the microwave on the defrost setting so you don’t get this bizarre freezer flavor you can occasionally get from frozen vegetables.

Perhaps I’m the ONLY person In the world who believes it could taste strange and you may just ditch them directly on at the pool such as all others….but I was only sharing what I’d do or never do.

Cook the Dump Chicken Soup

All You Need to do is Literally DUMP the components into a big kettle or my favourite cooking kettle, the Dutch Oven. I enjoy it since it never appears to overheat and create all my soup to boil again and make a mess and it remains warm a lot longer than the usual metallic kettle so that I can return for second and third helpings along with the soup itself remains piping hot.

I normally function my soup With grilled cheese (use something which melts nicely ) and pieces of avocado with tortilla chips). I’d guesstimate this soup leaves between 8-10 servings should you consume 2-3 bowls at one time like that I do differently it’d cause about 20 (1/2 cup) servings.

This recipe is two Points and per 1/2 cup working with no extras such as avocado or cheese.

I normally consume two cups Complete or (4 1/2 cup complete ) parts making my things also worth 8 to my own meal without including extras such as avocado or cheese pieces. I believe this a light dinner along with my belly thanks for feeling so complete without feeling bloated and heavy!

Love my Dump Chicken Soup Recipe and discuss it with your pals! I’d like to hear your remarks In case you tried this recipe changed up it and left it your very own!

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