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HEB Half Priced Fajita Meat with Coupons

HEB Half Priced Fajita Meat with Coupons!! No — severely!! The fajita meat packs are already available this week but if it set this up for this wonderful voucher deal then you may make it as low as a half off! Fantastic for stocking up on your freezer or deep freeze! I scored a fantastic bargain for meat working with the new HEB electronic voucher program too!

Printing your vouchers

First You Have to go along with Read this wonderful kick ass post with my blogger BFF Jennifer King in HEB Bargain Hunter to receive your vouchers! But complete reading the article first so that you are able to observe the bargains!!

Click the link to Read the article and publish! Be sure to receive all these coupons since there’ll be some great bargains this weekend for Memorial Day revenue!

Stock up on Fajita Meat!!

Deal Idea #1:

The bundles I caught for The bargain proved about about 4.25 pounds each and the best part would be that the are vacuum sealed so that these can directly to a freezer or freezer for stockpiling. In case you were fortunate enough to find a $3 off ice, seafood or poultry catalina basket voucher it is possible to set it with this particular offer. I’d (2) and employed them in two distinct transactions.

  • Buy (two ) packs HEB Seasoned Chicken Breast or Chicken Thighs to get Fajitas $1.97/pound ($16.79)
  • Utilize (1) $5 off if you purchase $15 in liquid marketplace HEB printable voucher (-$5)
  • Utilization (1) $3 off ice HEB catalina basket voucher (-$3)
  • Purchase: $8.80 for overall savings of 48%! )

This chicken fajita meat is Generally priced at $2.97/pounds so the entire savings is really 67% if you use the normal cost! Very bad for stocking up and I am quite pleased with this ! Whereas, packs of pre-cooked poultry is less than $7 and you get a lot less from the bundle!

Deal Idea #2:

My spouse is a steak eater So I could not very well miss the chance to stock up to his own favourite fajita meat also!! I caught the largest bundle I could get that has been $15 from the steak fajita meat so that I could use the 2 vouchers on just 1 bundle!

  • Buy (1) bundle HEB Seasoned Steak for Fajitas ($15.74)
  • Utilization (1) $5 off if you purchase $15 in liquid market HEB printable voucher (-$5)
  • Utilization (1) $3 off ice HEB catalina basket voucher (-$3)
  • Purchase: $$7.74 for overall savings of 51%! )

The beef fajita meat is Generally priced at $5.97/pound so the entire savings with this price is really 76%! I can not find packed beef everywhere for $2.97/pound so that this is an inventory up bargain for me for sure! My Hunny Bunny includes a considerable desire so this 1 bundle will nourish him ! I hope to score basket vouchers so that I will get longer to stash my freezer!

Deal Idea #3:

I had a $2 off $10 beef Market basket voucher in my electronic coupons so that I used it with a inexpensive meat bargain.

  • Purchase (1) bundle 93/7 floor beef chub $5.17/pound ($5.17)
  • Purchase (1) bundle Texas Style Boneless Pork Ribs $3.47/pound ($5.14)
  • Usage (1) HEB $2/$10 Digital Coupon (-$2)
  • Purchase: $8.31 for overall savings of 19%

Yes, yeah, I understand, nothing Magnificent at only 19% . however, it will be to me believing I do not generally get that Considerably in economies with vouchers in the marketplace!! So there you have it, Some super amazing stock meat up deals to utilize together with your printables and fresh HEB Voucher program and just in time for Memorial Day weekend! To find out more inventory Up meat bargains to bologna and hot dogs from my programmer BFF Jennifer King afterward click !

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