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Join The Korean Couponer on tsū

Combine The Korean Couponer onto tsū! It is the newest and hottest social Media system for couponers! You are able to adhere to the top couponers and plan your own bargains weeks before everybody else! If you’re tired and sick of shelves and you do not have the time to chase down bargains operating from store to shop then you , actually , actually have to join on tsū!!

Combine The Korean Couponer on tsū — the newest social networking system for couponers

Should You Ever wonder couponers understand about the newest deals and Why you always wind up becoming the tail end of these bargains is because you’re still using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to search for your own deals. Couponers aren’t discussing the best bargains on these social networking websites because they could get paid to remark, such as and discuss articles on tsū. Makes sense, right? Why give the information away for free once you’re able to create a little money rather?

Utilize my invitation connection to connect my system to tsū


Tsū isn’t always like Facebook therefore let’s pay a couple of things until you get started. To begin with, you need to join through a invitation connection since it’s all about media. It is totally free to join and you’re under no obligations in any way. The more you network, the more people it is possible to achieve and the more income you may make. It takes some time to begin earning over just a few pennies per day but concentrate more on raising your system and attempt to keep your expectations realistic. I have just been in the community for 3 months and I’ve 655 buddies and $7.34 within my accounts. Not bad considering I’m not as energetic as some severe couponers and consumers.

A Couple of quick suggestions to help You begin

When you join, be sure and send me a friend request straight away. Now you have the capability to view my friends list in my profile page also you’re able to send orders to all my friends also. I strongly encourage you to irritate all of them! No will deny you or believe you are mad because most of us wish to talk about, hope me! I’d say 98% of my whole friends list on tsū are all couponers that bill the hottest bargains, therefore send orders before you reach your limit of 50.

We’re Limited to just how much we could enjoy, comment and discuss every day as well as Simply sending out 50 buddy asks in a specified seven day interval. I hardly ever observe the constraints except when I started out since I needed as many voucher buddies as possible so that I could see all of the bargains. There’s literally tons of advice posted every day about the constraints and the best methods to utilize tsū to a very best benefit. Just stay diligent about logging into tsū too much, or even greater than Facebook on daily basis.

What’s my profile newsfeed A ghost city?

It takes at least a Complete day to Receive your feed moving since everybody posts Late in the day and early in the afternoon. It might possibly appear to be a ghost town once you first join however remember that it is not Facebook therefore be patient. You will not be in your to fly either since we’re a community. I’d say it requires a complete week to actually get to it but when it gets going there is no stopping what we loving call the “tsunami!” All of a sudden your position quo, you’re about the map and you’re engaged and engaged with tens of thousands of people every day.

As Soon as You send orders and provide it 24 hours you will Discover That your Feed is going to be bombarded with articles for the most popular coupon bargains. I will find a notification that you just joined my system and I’ll request my entire entire coupon neighborhood to welcome one, send your buddy asks and help you begin.

You large FAT tsū household

Joining tsū is sort of like getting married into a large household, after you combine Our loved ones we welcome you with open arms and accept you beneath our pockets. The more active you’re, the more information you may find and the more cash you may get. Tsū is about creating community, encouraging one another and remaining connected. You find a lot of love, super useful answers and opinions from a number of the nicest folks I have come to understand in social networking. We build up each other and help each other all the time.

Hashtag is KING on tsū

Hashtags (#______) are king tsū since they set everything together that Particular hashtag. The single drawback is that when anybody else uses the hashtag you then find all the content beneath the exact identical hashtag too. It is possible to sort the hashtags onto google, any internet search engine and many notably from the tsū search bar and it’ll bring up all the pertinent posts and articles related to it.

I use #thekoreancouponer to my articles so you can type this in The research bar on tsū and locate all the articles and articles that I shared. I highly recommend that you make a hashtag along with your tsū username so that whatever you post will return to you and are available below your specific hashtag. It’ll be super useful when you wish to increase your system since your tsū infants can locate coupon bargains and articles beneath your specific hashtag while they await their”tsunami” for struck.

The top hashtags to see each one the top coupon bargains on tsū are:

#tsucouponcommunity #tsunation #tsunami #couponcommunity #couponfamily #couponnewbie #extremecouponing #freeisbetter #hebdeals #txcouponers

There are literally hundreds more but those will get you off to a good start. As soon as you connect, you may add your friends to a own network and they’re able to observe the bargains by your community and hashtags! I love discussing on tsū since its super busy and everybody is engaged since we have the same motive to socialize! I never have paid a dime to perform all this work on Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram! After you hit $100 on your tsū lender, it is possible to ask a test to be delivered to you for your payment.

Just imagine all the voucher deals you could use that extra $100 money! Someplace else besides tsū will you get paid to locate the most popular coupon bargains earlier Everybody and have paid to take action? If you understand Of anything similar to this, please drop me an email in And discuss! I’d really like to understand and combine!

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