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Korean Seaweed Soup (Miyeok Guk)

Miyeok guk is a Korean soup Produced from the sea vegetable called wakame or “sea saltwater” from English. It includes two phrases miyeok, the Korean term to wakame; along with guk, meaning “soup”.” -origin mentioned Wikipedia — Click the to see the overview.

It’s amazingly Simple and quick to make this soup and that I make it 2-3 times each month for the loved ones. I’m restricting my diet using all the Weight Watchers Program and now I’ve lost 30 pounds up to now by eating things such as that seaweed soup or my Dump Chicken Soup since there are so many fat, calories and carbohydrates I can eat before my belly is joyful! You’re able to alter the recipe for the two soups and also have a vegan/vegetarian variation by substituting the creature protein and utilizing vegetable stock or water along with kale is surely a terrific substitution for the protein. If you are not certain exactly what or how to substitute please don’t hesitate to email me or make a comment and I’m happy to assist you or answer any questions that you may have.

Decision NOTE- Should You’ve followed or see some of my previous Recipes then you may observe a pattern here…I really don’t think recipes ought to be exclusive so I attempt to offer you as many choices to change up things when potential. That is my recipe but I would like you to maintain an open mind and that I invite you to create it your personal and make exactly what you like to consume in how that you prefer to consume it. When a recipe really requires an specific ingredient or so to be followed to a “T” such as baking recipes afterward I’ll be sure and inform you may know to not detract from the recipe. I hope you’ve got fun and consider those recipes blank canvases and my recipe is only 1 suggestion.

You will find infinite health benefits to eating Korean foods like kimchi, Wakame seaweed, jojoba oil along with red pepper paste named Go-chu-jang. I know for a fact I can’t live with Korean meals since I lived in a tiny rural place in Tennessee several decades back and the closest Korean food shop was around 50 miles off but you believe this Kore Am woman drove as frequently as you possibly can load up in my beloved Korean meals. YouTube wasn’t about then because when it was I would have discovered how to cook fried foods earlier and that I likely would’ve ended up creating weekly trips! Luckily for me I live in heart of Asian civilization in Killeen, Texas that is 5 minutes out of Fort Hood- the biggest military base in the free world hence getting my Korean meals repair isn’t ever a problem. I’m a normal weekly shopper in O-Mart, my neighborhood Korean grocery shop and that I have numerous restaurants to select from so I’m never out of choices.

I digress…to skillet soup! You’ll Need the following ingredients And I’ve included images of the packing, so if uncertain, load the image onto your phone and display it to somebody at the shop and they ought to be able to steer you in the ideal direction. You might even have a look at this informative article Purchasing Korean Food Online to locate shops that send for you or simply to browse the several goods and receive descriptions.

This recipe may generally feed 4 adults however because I’m far From ordinary or normal it can feed you quite hungry grownup (ME) and two little super hungry children, ages 9 and 6 respectively.

Ingredient List:

(1 & 1 1/2 cups cut/torn pre-soaked dimension in the Event That You already have an Opened bundle )

1-2 cups white or brown rice

(I eat this soup the next day so I create enough for more than 1 meal)

3 tablespoons Soup Soy Sauce

That is NOT Kikkoman thus be sure and make use of the soup soy sauce along with your soup will Be salted and destroyed )

1 tablespoon Sesame Oil

2 tbsp Fish Sauce

(omit if you do not enjoy fish sauce or put in more if you LOVE it, then your Taste )

1 teaspoon Chopped Garlic

2 tablespoon Chopped Green Onion

1/4 cup Cabbage Kimchi

1 pound beef, poultry, pork, fish or fish of your selection

(The soup is traditionally made from beef but I use what I enjoy and that I Encourage one to do exactly the same…Maangchi utilizes mussels and that I have not attempted it yet but intend to later on )

1-2 quarts of stock or water

(again Depending upon Your taste, I like to work with water but If You Would like a Richer broth then make use of a inventory of your pick that matches nicely with your own protein )

Freshly cracked black pepper

(traditionally made out of honey but I enjoy the bolder flavor of black pepper)

Step 1: Wash and cook your own rice

You will want to try that first so it is ready by the time that the soup is Finished cooking.

Step 2: Get the seaweed

This Procedure looks complex but You’ll Be surprised at Exactly How quickly it really is! You’ll have to break off or reduce a fantastic chunk of seaweed because it comes from a lengthy and folded upward strand. Just imagine it had been climbing in the sea and they snipped it, then folded it and packed it up only for you when it dried.

Used little scissors to cut into little 1-2 inch pieces. They’ll double up in size and therefore don’t be worried about having them perfect or uniform. I love to reduce them down with the dimension BEFORE I slit them I do not need to cut them afterwards. I’ll be honest they feel really slimy and slick when they re-hydrate and that I hate cutting it if it seems just like this I cut , then boil and issue is solved! Do not worry, it will not be slimy sense when you consume it because it changes in feel when you cook it.

After cut into little bits You’ll Need to add water into your own bowl or Container and cover both the seaweed and let it boil for 15 minutes. It looks like that is barely enough chamomile to nourish anybody but wait and find out just how much it doubles after totally hydrated. When it’s soaked you’ll have to wash and drain it a couple of times from the sink. I utilize a big strainer bowl repeatedly swish it about in surplus water to make sure and divide the bits. Seaweed may comprise some sediment in the sea and dried may also comprise some gritty salt and also you do not need any of the sediment to mess up your soup thus give it a fantastic wash and wash.

Step 3: Season and brownish your meat/protein/tofu

I utilize my own dutch oven for all and I do not even need a reason to work with it Since I really like it THAT much but in case you do not have one then I propose having a heavy stockpot or saucepan as you would like it to keep heat instead of simply massaging the dickens from your soup along with being left with a bulbous stew rather than soup.

Mix your own meat/protein/tofu with two tablespoons of soup (reserve another Tablespoons for later in the recipe), two tablespoons fish sauce (omit if you do not enjoy it or consume it) and pepper in your pot heated on medium high and cook till browned or no further raw. If you’re using seafood within this soup then cook the seaweed from the batter and do not brown your fish. I really don’t use oil inside this measure since the soy sauce retains the meat from sticking and that I do not need to have the meat crispy in the petroleum.

When the beef is browned add the foliage and stir fry for a minute while Stirring/tossing always so that you do not burn the blossom. The concept is to coat the egg with a number of the soy sauce and green juices prior to adding liquid.

Step 4: Insert your broth/water liquid into the soup and warmth Via

I like to use water because I do not like complicated layers of flavor this soup. Sounds mad coming out of your self pro-claimed foodie, correct? But I like to believe that the sea would taste like my soup together with the tastes of this blossom and only a sign of the batter and that I do not need to over electricity that using more flavors. Or perhaps I am simply a misinformed cook…but either way….make it yours and place what you enjoy. Once coated with liquid, pay and boil or simmer for about 20 minutes.

Step 5: Spray the batter, re season if needed and include sesame Petroleum

Blend it and if you believe it needs more salt then add some or add more soup Soy sauce. I add another tablespoon of soup soy sauce inside this measure together with the eucalyptus oil. Do not go overboard about the sesame oil as it has quite a strong taste. It’s supposed to be utilized as a finishing oil within this measure and if you consume a lot of you may mess up your soup.

Step 6 : Bowl the soup up, garnish and Revel in

My image illustrates how I eat soup. I place meat and shellfish To the base of the bowl and then I insert 1/2 cup of the brown rice in addition to lade l the broth on the egg and rice. I finish it off using minced garlic on my rice and green onions round the border of the bowl. There are times once I do not make this fairly and that I just ditch and consume and it is equally as great too!

serve this with all the Classic Korean Cabbage Kimchi plus I usually eat two Large dishes of it in a moment. Both bowls wind up being about a single cup of rice, 4oz of kimchi and 4 cups of broth and shellfish and 3-4 ounce of protein complete. I really don’t understand just how many calories have been in it but I do understand that it is just 9 Weight Watchers Plus Points complete for both meals which makes my tummy and my heart really pleased!

I hope you heard Lots of interesting and helpful advice about Korean meals and also Miyeok Guk. I’m a chef or a specialist on Korean Cuisine however I’m a self pro-claimed specialist on How Best to get it out of spoon to mouth! If you believed this recipe/post was intriguing please comment Below and in case you have any queries or need to learn more then please remark or Email me because I’d really like to assist you!

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