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Meet My Better Half

Satisfy with my better half of my husband Josh, and that appears to be 12 years younger than me. That is over a decade old difference and that I still have problems accepting that thus far. I really do have to confess to the world my mindset concerning age differences was completely wrong and I must acknowledge this for the remainder of my lifetime…so long as I draw breath in my lungs I might need to confess that I WAS WRONG!! (This may be the only real time I openly and loudly realised I was incorrect…haha) Let me only mention I wasn’t looking for a younger guy. Some folks have this notion that I’m some sort of predator who took advantage of my spouse. I was called a child molester by somebody who had some very twisted thoughts about our connection. Josh had been 21 years old if we met and we started off as friends. There have been clearly defined bounds….at least within my head and in my own side of things….my husband needed an entirely different program entirely. He’s a guy who knows what he needs and that he isn’t scared to pursue till he gets exactly what he desires. He had his mind set he needed me and he grabbed me! The rest is now history and it has been utter bliss ever since! I will say my 24 year-old husband is a lot more mature and responsible than many 40-something year old guys I’ve known, such as my ex-husband. Haha! He’s also 1 hell of a daddy in addition to the superman of husbands. He’s just one great leader in the home and in my own profession and I’m his greatest fan. Josh is the rationale that I’m writing this site and chasing my dreams. I managed to have in my way before and he’s this method of mesmerizing me with all these bright green eyes which type of hypnotizes me to perform anything he says I could do. Alright….not actually….but he’s amazing eyes only in case you overlooked that when I said it sooner. Haha. All of us need someone in our corner that thinks in us don’t feel in ourselves and can not muster sufficient courage to proceed. I spoke about life training certification for more than a year until Josh brought up the notion of how ACTUALLY doing this instead of simply speaking about it. We booked our reservations for the seminar and also our hotel area and had just one of the greatest evenings of our lives. Josh made the discovery he is talented with all the calling of lifestyle training and obtained his certificate too. He’s consistently been my entire life coach but today he assembles his training to his profession at his own leadership position. It’s our wish to construct a thriving life coaching practice and also to work collectively in the very close to future. For he has his day job and I’m at home blogging my heart out while increasing our three children and residing my final fantasy of life training. This fantasy is my reality due to this amazing and wonderful guy and I nearly missed out on it all due to a wrong mindset. Age is only a number and he’s exactly what I’d call an “old soul”. He’s more life altering encounters in his young adult life than many people have in the course of their life and he’s an inspiration for so many! However, the majority of….he is my hero, my greatest fan and my hardest coach since he lets me stop. I can’t wait to learn what the future hold on us! Joshua Bristol is a Licensed Professional Life Coach who specializes in private training for athletes in competitive sports in addition to professional training for those who wish to transition from entry level to management functions. He’s available for training sessions and likes to inspire and inspire his clientele.

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