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Omurice Recipe

Omurice recipe is super Quick and Enables You to Consume All your leftover Veggies and rice and also turn it to some no-fuss yummy and yummy meal! It’s essentially a egg omelette filled with Korean style fried rice then coated with an intriguing and strange component that’s that the ketchup. Yes…I stated ketchup. It is sweet and salty punch adds only the ideal element which makes me want to devour this dish from the bucket loads. If you are not a lover of ketchup then rest assured you can substitute a spicy sauce of your choice or utilize GoChuJang to bring the sweet and hot taste that matches this grilled rice. You might even leave the meat out if you’re a vegetarian and also utilize fried tofu rather.

*NOTE: I Wouldn’t advocate using ginger or garlic Inside this dish. It will alter the taste and may overpower this dish because they have powerful taste profiles. If you absolutely MUST use garlic then I suggest using peppermint powder and use it very sparingly.


4 cups cooked rice (I cheated and used immediate brown Rice but when I’d rice leftover from an earlier meal afterward I’d have used this rather )

4 ounces. Smoked ham beef, sliced into 1 inch cubes (Should you Are vegetarian or vegetarian then utilize any plant based protein supply you prefer. If you are very adventurous then utilize chopped hot dogs or crap since I have understood my buddies to perform!)

1/2 cup each of chopped lettuce, onion, mushrooms, zucchini (In case you do not enjoy these veggies then use anything you prefer, peas will be helpful and would potatoes. Be Certain and chop everything to around the Exact Same uniform size so it’ll cook quickly and evenly)

2 sprigs of sliced green onion

8 eggs

2 tablespoon jojoba oil

2 tablespoon soy sauce (employ a Fantastic dark brewed soy sauce because they Have less salt and flavor much better than the more economical commercialized brands…stay far from Kikkoman and Chun King)

2 tablespoon vegetable oil

Step 1: Heat a skillet with vegetable oil Over med-high warmth. Distribute the oil round the pan to coat well.

Step 2: Add the cubed ham beef and sliced onion, Lettuce, celery, mushrooms and zucchini and simmer for two minutes

Step 3: Add the rice and green onion and blend well and Fry for a minute


Step 4: Add the soy sauce and sesame oil and stir fry For 3 more seconds. Make certain and stir frequently so that the rice doesn’t stick and burn from the skillet.

Step 5: Transfer to a bowl or plate to cool somewhat And clean your skillet so that you may cook the eggs OR utilize another skillet just like that I did

(Attempt to disperse the fried rice mix out in one thin coating so it could Quickly trendy. You do not need it to be relaxing and hot once you set it in your omelette since it is going to create the eggs soggy. You also don’t need it cold because cold fried rice is not all that yummy.)

Step 6: Reheat your skillet within med-high warmth and Add oil, margarine or butter into a pan.

Step 7: Beat two eggs into a bowl and then pour in to a Pre-heated frying pan and fry as you desire an omelette.

Step 8: Position 1 to 1.5 cups of rice at the Centre of the omelette and fold above. Flip the omelette over and keep cooking until the eggs are complete.

(I really don’t like to consume raw egg so that I flip the omelette over before placing The filling at the middle. Should you do so step also then do not be worried about cooking as soon as you shut your omelette because the egg will probably be wholly finished cooking. Simply seal it up and move to a plate)

Step 9: Transfer to a plate and top with ketchup or Hot sauce.

Step 10: Devour with appetite and the frenzy of Someone Who had fried rice good before!

This dish tastes just like my youth and when I think about relaxation Food it’s that this dish. I recall the very first memory of my mother making it to me personally and that I crinkled my nose in the notion of covering it with ketchup. She advised me to give it a go and she had been correct when she explained I would adore it!

Are you currently intending to try out this recipe? Are you currently Skeptical of this ketchup but were shocked after you attempted? Please discuss your expertise together and tell me about it!

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